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Our team continually ask of people as to what they think about our bloopers (FYI: bloopers are those [usually] funny endings we have at the end of each show). We started using bloopers since Episode #2. The reason why we ask people for their feedback is because some of us think that they work well, whereas others think it is a bit too much.

I have personally heard from people that bloopers add that personal touch to our show. Also, some time ago, I asked our followers on Twitter whether they like our bloopers or not . The response was quite interesting. People responded that they like them. One of such response was by soeren2009 who wrote “@MyDenmarkTV love the bloopers. Keep them coming”.

At one of recent shootings, I asked another show guest of ours on what he thought about the bloopers. Without any hesitation or doubt, he replied – “I love them. They are really nice”. While we keep our bloopers, I thought I should ask you for your opinion about that. What do you think? Do you like the bloopers? Or would you want the show to end on a more serious note. If you remember some of the recent bloopers (or all), which one did you think was the most fun to watch or which one you thought was a bit too much. This should definitely help us make some adjustments. Thanks for your input.

Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to “We Keep The Bloopers”

  1. Emily says:

    Bloopers are genuine blips made by all presenters, actors, newsreaders, talk show hosts, etc. I think myDenmarktv should carry on showing them because they add a little informality to the show, not that the show is all serious, and they also provide some laughter for viewers at the end. So keep them coming!


  2. Juan Sebastian Muñoz says:

    I love bloopers, katie’s ones most :D , please keep them coming :)


  3. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Sounds great! Thanks for your comments Emily and Juan!


  4. KatieRice says:

    It’s nice to know you like them. It’s hard not to feel foolish though when we’re filming ;)

    The worst ones for us have been when shot after shot we mess up our lines, to finally get it right only to be interrupted by church bells, backfiring cars and of course those pesky pidgeons!


  5. Leonardo says:

    Hello Vlad, Katie, Liyuan, Julie and Paul.

    You are doing a great job.
    I find your videos very interesting and useful.
    I am also interested in Denmark and enjoy watching your videos.
    I will also try to use them in my own blog.

    Regarding the bloopers, yes please leave them. I like to watch them because they don’t last very long and they make me smile.

    Actually maybe at end of the year you could make a video only with the best bloopers. And I think also the “mistakes” of the producer/camara should appear in the bloopers =)


  6. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Leonardo, thanks a lot for your kind words and I think it is a great idea of compiling a video with all the best bloopers. Definitely, something to think about for the team ;)


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