Let’s View it as Closing an Old Chapter and Beginning a New One

Dear viewer,

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for watching our show. Every Wednesday, we have brought to you a new and fresh episode without failing. The reason? I guess we’ve regarded the rule we created back in time (i.e. to never miss an episode) very seriously. And here we are – Episode # 100! Yey!!!

It has been 2 years since myself and Julie sat down in the Baresso coffee shop to develop a concept for Ever since, we’ve learned a lot, have gone through many changes, have seen many improvements. And we’ve had our downs and some disappointments too. But nevertheless we’ve made it! And thanks to you for your continuous support and loyalty – dear viewer! This all really means a lot to us.

I know I am making it sound a bit dramatic like we finally made it to the end of the road and it is over. In some way it is true, but in the other it is not. It is true that the show you have watched for the past 2 years will be discontinued – the 100th episode is the last episode you will see in its originality. Essentially, this means that after these 2 years we decided to take a break and spend some quality time on “revitalizing” and taking MyDenmarkTV to a whole new level, which is why it is NOT over. And of course, we also think that Episode # 100 is just a cool number to close the chapter at :)

You might also ask, but so, what is next? Who does the future hold? Well, as the guys said in the Episode # 100, our plan is to bring you even a better show in the near future, or actually more specifically, we are working on a number of shows that will be both educational and entertaining. Whether you are a tourist, an expat, a Dane or a graduate student or even a journalist, you will find something interesting that caters to your need one way or another. I am sure about that.

What about the MyDenmarkTV presenters? There will be some changes here too. In the upcoming development, there will be some “old” hosts as well as new faces that will bring their own styles and personalities to the MyDenmarkTV network. In other words, just wait and see!! And yes, we are very excited about the new chapter!

What happens to the old show – all the 100 episodes you’ve produced up till now? Nothing, the old show (all the episodes) will always be available for your viewing. If you happen to need to know something, just go back and watch at the past episodes. Remember there is a lot of information we’ve covered. Of course, some of it is time-sensitive (e.g. events, news related stuff), and the rest is still valid information.

Last but not least, life is all about growing. We are grateful to be in such a position to be able to reach to so many of you around the word. For us, this change is another step towards the growth. As I once said to the whole team, let’s view it as closing an old chapter and beginning a new one. Once again, thanks for reading this and stay tuned!

All the best,
Vladimir Chen
Founder of


Announcement of the 2nd winner in Tivoli Contest


Interview with Susanne Jensen, Founder and Director of Precious Spirits

We met with Susanne Jensen, founder of Precious Spirits, and were touched by the fantastic non-profit project she has in South Africa.

She has established unique workshops for children from Townships who are given a chance to meet different cultures and nations from around the world.

By supporting this project you help these children to be inspired by a world they maybe didn’t have a chance to see.

Please have a look and participate/join if any interest. Go to Precious Spirits website.


After-Party with the Entire Team

On Friday, after filming a lot of things including 10:10 event at Niels Brock, we got together for a nice and cosy after party dinner in the center of Copenhagen. We also welcomed two of our new members Nima Musa and André Meyer who you are going to see in the upcoming episodes more.

MyDenmarkTV team

MyDenmarkTV team 2


Production Photos – Shooting Beer Festival Episode

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