MyDenmarkTV.com is the very first weekly Web-based TV show about Denmark. Today, the show is loyally watched in more than 130 countries around the world. MyDenmarkTV was designed with the purpose of making the lives of those who come to Denmark for either a short or a longer stay much easier by providing useful insights and practical tips. In other words we want you to:

“Enjoy Your Stay, Have Fun & Get More Done”

Ask us and we’ll tell you that day or night, Denmark is a magnificent study in trendiness, fashion, design, happiness and bicycles – in sunshine, rain or snow. And Copenhagen, perhaps the funkiest city on the planet, is a place best served raw and enjoyed with a strong coffee – or better still a local brew. We can’t get enough.

That’s why we bring Denmark to life 52 weeks a year – entertaining, educating, and guiding those desiring to dig a little bit deeper into what’s happening across the country.

Whether you have lived in Denmark all your life, made it your adopted home (or plan to in the near future), or are just stopping by for a few days, we’ll help you have a load of fun, discover new stuff and get more done! That’s a promise. So dive in and enjoy!

Structure of the Show

We have developed a 5 segment structure, which includes:

1. Whazzz up – News, events, festivals and other fun things to do.
2. Made in Denmark – Useful websites, recommended books, great products and services that are made in DK.
3. Hygge – Intricacies of the Danish culture, lifestyle and food.
4. Work in Denmark – Job tips, expert interviews, working environment in DK.
5. Mailbag @ MyDenmarkTV – Answering a viewer’s question.

You can submit your question at Mailbag

Even though MyDenmarkTV is made by foreigners for foreigners, the show is popular among Danes (both in Denmark and outside) who are interested in seeing how foreign people experience their country.

Who is behind MyDenmarkTV?

We are 8 active people running the show:

  • Vladimir Chen (Founder & Producer)
  • Li Yuan Wu (Writer & Co-host)
  • Julie Tran (Co-founder & Co-host)
  • Timothy Anderson (Writer, co-host & editor)
  • Sabine Pøthe Jensen (Co-host & Partnerships)
  • Emil Østergaard (Camera & video editor)
  • Daniel Weissensteiner (Chief editor)
  • Maruf Yusupov (Web designer / programmer)
  • Paul Tyler (independent advisor/scripting, production & post-production)
  • Katie Rice (Host & editor) (June, 2009 – January, 2010)

All of us have lived in Denmark for many years and we feel there is so much to talk about and share with you. Vladimir recalls when he first came to Denmark, the only way to get around effectively was through personal networks or find info and read it from different websites. E.g. when you need to register for the yellow insurance card (“Sygesikringskort”), where do you go? Or if you want to know what store to shop in for the best wine collection, where do you go? Things like these are just two very quick examples of why we wanted to create MyDenmarkTV.com

We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you like what we do or think can contribute your talent, passion or interest to the project don’t hesitate to contact us. Right now, we are looking for people with experience in one of the following: camera work, journalism, video editing, web programming, web design and online marketing / sponsorship.

Last but not least …

We would love to hear from you with your feedback or suggestions for the topics you would like covered. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Denmark or share your feedback … to get us going. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us your comment below each episode.

Stay tuned!
MyDenmarkTV Team

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