We Keep The Bloopers



Our team continually ask of people as to what they think about our bloopers (FYI: bloopers are those [usually] funny endings we have at the end of each show). We started using bloopers since Episode #2. The reason why we ask people for their feedback is because some of us think that they work well, whereas others think it is a bit too much.

I have personally heard from people that bloopers add that personal touch to our show. Also, some time ago, I asked our followers on Twitter whether they like our bloopers or not . The response was quite interesting. People responded that they like them. One of such response was by soeren2009 who wrote “@MyDenmarkTV love the bloopers. Keep them coming”.

At one of recent shootings, I asked another show guest of ours on what he thought about the bloopers. Without any hesitation or doubt, he replied – “I love them. They are really nice”. While we keep our bloopers, I thought I should ask you for your opinion about that. What do you think? Do you like the bloopers? Or would you want the show to end on a more serious note. If you remember some of the recent bloopers (or all), which one did you think was the most fun to watch or which one you thought was a bit too much. This should definitely help us make some adjustments. Thanks for your input.

Stay tuned!

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