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In February 2009, Vladimir took 2 months off from the place he used to work.

A bit confused about what he wants to do exactly, he knew he wanted to spend some quality time on creating something interesting on the web.

Being a relatively fresh graduate from Copenhagen Business School, he created a couple of projects focusing on helping students get through their studies.

At the same time, another idea came to the mind. Having an interest in working with online video, Vladimir first thought of starting a personal video blog or videolog, where he would share with his viewers some of the things he experiences in Denmark. After doing some more brainstorming this idea quickly developed into a concept of a web-based TV show.

In April 2009, Vladimir attends an online marketing seminar in Washington D.C. where he meets a genius person named Andrew Lock who later on taught Vladimir through a home-study course how to create a web TV show.

Having been convinced about the fact that the show must be personalty-driven he discussed this amazing opportunity with his then colleague, Julie Tran who worked at the same company with Vladimir as International Business Developer. Julie liked the idea and they together developed a format and structure for the show.

Without too much thinking but doing, the first two episodes aired in May 2009. With few viewers (mainly friends and family), the small team got a surprisingly positive feedback. This was when they got more convinced that in order to attract more viewers they needed to create more valuable, interesting and entertaining content. So, the quality was, as it is today, one of the main goals.

To achieve a better quality, Vladimir sets on attracting more people to join the team who would be able to contribute to the project. Katie Rice, Liyuan Wu and Paul Tyler joined the common efforts and the show considerably improved (according to the viewers’ feedback) as well as gained a lot of international attention.

Today, MyDenmarkTV team consists of 8 active people (all found though the web) and potentially more passionate people will join the show in the future.

It may sound cliche, but Together (does) Everyone Achieves Miracles.

There is a lot more opportunities for both our viewers as well as MyDenmarkTV team. So, we will continue to work hard to deliver high-quality video content to you and we hope you enjoy your stay in Denmark, have fun and get more done.

Stay tuned,
MyDenmarkTV team

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