Today – 2 Months Since the Birth of MyDenmarkTV

We are 2 months old

We are 2 months old

It is not really a birthday but as the title speaks it has been 2 months since the launch of, which is hard to believe.

And I just wanted to take a minute and reflect upon what was going through our minds when we started on this project.

But before I do, I just want to say that it feels a bit awkward as though we have had the show running forever and on the other hand as if it we started last week. I could never explain this strange feeling.

Anyways, when we started the project 2 months ago we wanted to create something new and different. We did not want to be another information site. Yes, we wanted to be informative, but we wanted to present information in a different format. After all, if ones wants to find practical information he or she can read it on many existing sites out there including message boards and blogs. It is not that we had something against those platforms, no. We love them. It is just more that we wanted to create a bit more refreshing “outlet” of showing and sharing our own experience of living in Denmark.

And as it shows we are happy to have received a lot of positive feedback. In fact, we’ve put together a page “What Others Say” where you can read why people like MyDenmarkTV show. Thanks to all those who took the time to share their feedback. We really appreciate your time and it means a lot to us to keep going.

MyDenmarkTV Team

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One Response to “Today – 2 Months Since the Birth of MyDenmarkTV”

  1. Tek Sharma says:

    It is good to celebrate 2 months b’ day. But I am eagerly waiting 100 days celebration.


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