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Stefanie Hartman, Greene, NY, US

“This is the place to learn about Denmark, especially if you have interest in traveling to or living there. Well put together and entertaining. We are learning so much. Makes us long to be there. We can see why this is the happiest place :) Blessings”

Esther, Barcelona, Spain

“Has been such a nice and unexpected surprise found MyDenmarktv, I was just surfing the web , trying to find some info about danish people and culture. Its long time im planning to visit Denmark but never got the chance, finally i’ll be there at the end of april. Thanks for your videos in english, are very useful and interesting! will watch it all!”

Jessica Hallé, Canada

“Thank you. I love your website … It is very helpful and it’s refreshing to see actual people in real locations of Copenhagen. Keep up the good work! :)

Susan Serra, Long Island-NYC, US

“Videos for everyone, even if you just want to smile.”

Anil Mahadev, India

“Hi Vladimir, Julie & Katie :) Love your show! Thanks a ton :) ! Looking forward to every episode of MyDenmark.tv”

NationalGeographic Traveller, traveler.nationalgeographic.com

“While this site virtually takes you to such places as the Copenhagen Opera House and the University of Copenhagen, its three hosts—Katie Rice, Liyuan, and Julie Tran—also explain the ins and outs of daily life in Denmark, such as recycling habits, the drinking culture, cost of living, and the library system.”

Mike Adey, Australia

“Thank you for the brilliant video’s of Danish culture! We must go back there again…already been twice!”

Jananda Hill, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Thx for the hygge video :) .. I did enjoy the episode … I’m exploring CPH for the summer .. Look forward to learning more from your website.”

Camilla Hansen, Denmark

“Very interesting idea you have there with the show…”

Nedy, The Philippines

“I love this site. I stayed in Denmark for 1 year and I am hoping I could get back next year. Continue making great episodes!”

Sarah Carlos

“Love the videos! I’m glad I found this site. I’ll keep checking back for more insights on Denmark.”

Magnus Jonsson, Iceland

“Looks so good. Good tips and looks “cosy”

Emily Lai, The UK

“As usual, very informative and entertaining. Thanks for introducing the island of Bornholm which otherwise I do not know about. Also, now I know why people in Denmark keep looking into rubbish bins – to make some money out of bottles/cans! : ) Looking forward to next week’s episode, many thanks, keep up the lovely work.”

Robert Sandie, co-founder and President of Viddler

“love the videos…”

Kirsten, Vancouver, Canada

“love your Episodes…”

Mr. Jokha, Tashkent, UZB

“Very nice espidodes! :) Keep up making great espisodes! Thank Yu!”

Anne, Denmark

“Love your website! Very informative. I’m actually danish but think it’s fun to see how you see and experience the country and the people!”

Vanessa Hyldkrog, Florida, US

“I watch and love all episodes and learn a lot, thanks to you guys =o) Thanks for making me feel so welcome!! … very educational !!! I like Denmark very much I have been there 4 times, I am also married to a Dane =o)”

Tiberiu, Romania

“Lovely site and helpful information. I intend to apply for master in IT, starting February next year and i need to know all that involves (housing, environment, study and work conditions, life in all aspects). I got response to some of my questions watching you’re videos. You’re doing a nice job, keep going. Thanks!”

Juan Sebastian Muñoz, Medellin, Colombia

“Episode 13 was awesome!!! … Awesome Job guys!!!”

Justyna Kwika, Poland

“Just love your show! You are doing a great job!”

Mathea Daunheimer, Maine, US

“I really love the episodes of MyDenmarkTV. Keep up the great work! The recycling sounds a lot like where we live in Maine (US). Although not as many people participate as they should, it is improving. Thank you for the entertainment.”

Jørgen Larsen, blogger at porcupinex.net, Vanløse, Denmark

“… I took a look at the site and I’m pretty impressed by it – a great idea and very well executed!”

José Testa, Chile

“Well I want to go there [Denmark] next year and I [really] need information and your page is very important for me cause u teach us too much about this beautiful country! :) I’m from Chile (South America) and I have Italian passport :) and I want [to] study and live there!! Thanks for everything mydenmarktv … !! ?”

Victor Jónsson, Denmark

“… Your website is brilliant. Gonna forward it to my icelandic friends.”

Melody Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I have checked your website out and have found it very interesting and entertaining – a great way to prepare people who are coming to Denmark whether as tourists, for employment or as family members. There’s little known facts put out there about Denmark in english and I see this site as a contributing way of putting Denmark on the map. “

Leonardo, blogger at to-love-work-study-travel-denmark.blogspot.com, Arhus, Denmark

“… You are doing a great job. I find your videos very interesting and useful. I am also interested in Denmark and enjoy watching your videos.
I will also try to use them in my own blog.
Regarding the bloopers, yes please leave them. I like to watch them because they don’t last very long and they make me smile.”

Alex Farcet,Copenhagen, Denmark

“.. Congratulations on a cool site. Great initiative …”

Xinyan Yi,Philadelphia, US

“Love your shows. They are very informative …. I hope I could visit Denmark one day. It is great to have this website in my favorites.”

Kasper Hansen,Denmark

“Just discovered your show today – loved it right away!”

Bart and Daniela, bloggers at intodenmark.dk,Århus, Denmark

“… I recently found your blog mydenmarktv.com as well, right after the VisitDenmark video disaster and twitted about it to try to show that there are also good videos being made in Denmark. MyDenmarkTV is a very pleasant site with interesting videos presented in a sympathetic and nice way. Amazing you could get this far in just 4 months. Fortsat god arbejdslyst!”

Mike Adey, Melbourne, Australia

“Brilliant website!!!”

Bahtier Shahodjaev,London, UK

“Good job guys!!! I loved the episodes so much! I used to live in Denmark 3 years ago. The episodes reminded me so much of my life in Denmark. In those days we did not have such website as MyDenmarkTv.com to get information and we had to dig out all the information all by ourselves. Vladimir and the team, keep it up guys! Regards from London!”

Surrai, Amman, Jordan

“I enjoyed watching ur show about Denmark, I visited Denmark this summer and I enjoyed every minutes and plan to revisit again. I had great time at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and took a trip by train to Malmo and that too was wonderful. I hope in ur next episodes we will see much of Denmark too.”

Farkhod Yarmukhamedov, Stockholm, Sweden

“One can notice from episode to episode that these three guys really love Denmark and want to share with their feelings. I guess I will be watching MyDenmarTV.com as little as possible, otherwise I will regret that I live in Sweden :)

Mathea Daunheimer (yet another comment), Maine, US

“great episode! My son (just turned 5) loves to watch My Denmark TV… actually, we all love watching! … Thank you for providing such a high quality program!”

Edward, Boston, USA

“Girls, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making these WONDERFUL & USEFUL VIDEOS. Keep doing it. I guess I can express on behalf of many viewers that WE HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT”

Lekha Mohanan, Vice President – Exchange, AIESEC Copenhagen, Denmark

“I’m actually an Indian in Denmark now for a year, and I started following your channel while I was in India just to sort of integrate myself. And I have to say, that it’s helped much!”

Md.Touhidul Hoque, Bangladesh

“It’s so great to learn about Denmark. Now I can see that there are a lot of people coming from all over the world in Denmark. Though I am from a poor country and I like my mother land I have a great hope one day I will visit Denmark.”

Gary M. Castaneda, Doha, Qatar

“Its been a refreshing and fun way to see a website about Denmark in a different format altogether. The episodes are taken from real places in Denmark with interviews held through people of first hand experience and insight. I have found it very informative and one of the best source of information about Denmark. So keep it up MyDenmarkTv team! Keep posting..and keep innovating..Vi ses!”

Laura Stadler-Jensen, a blogger at lbstadler.wordpress.com, Copenhagen, Denmark

“just discovered www.mydenmarktv.com and is very impressed.”

Danish boy” at thedanishway.blogspot.com, Sandy, Utah, US

“Simply that I still love Danmark and why not share it with everyone else? The video I am posting is one of many that I have been watching every week. The My Denmark TV team has done a fantastic job portraying what life is like in Danmark for all of us Foreigners who secretly wish we lived there. I’ll try to keep this more updated but that’s not a promise. Hope you enjoy.” – ”

Muhammad Shehzad Zamir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

“I love My Denmark TV. Thank you very much for making these WONDERFUL & USEFUL VIDEOS”

Shailesh Patel, India

“Lovely site and helpful information. I intend to apply for master in arts ,and i need to know all that involves (housing, environment, study and work conditions, life in all aspects). I got response to some of my questions watching you’re videos. Thanks!”

Deborah Di Nauta, an Italian singer from Copenhagen, Denmark

“I like the show, thanks to Li Yuan who told me about it! I used to make radio and your programme is very professional :-)

Roy Mathew, The United Kingdom

“I enjoy your show very much. The content is informative and very useful. Thumbs up to you guys for a brilliant show!!!”

Pelagia Bardanis, Greece

“We are interested in moving to Denmark and are looking for a job initially for my husband. I discovered your show while trying to find helpful information on Denmark as seen from a foreigner’s point of view. I must say that your show is fantastic! A unique way to present the country for those interested in going there. Congratulations – very professional work!”

Derrick Murray, Sydney, Australia

“I work for a Danish Medical company and am lucky enough to vist every year. This is the best place to learn about some of the overlooked things and places in DK. I love suprising my danish mates with my insite and teh cool places to hang out.
See you for the Copenhagen Challange Triathlon in August. Keep posting the cool stuff….”

Eva Molly Larsen, England

“I LOVE this. I am a Dane, living in England. I think these programmes are a brilliant way for me to catch up on the motherland, and also to prepare for my visits home, no need for me to research what is going on, just click in on a wednesday and catch the latest. Well presented, very professional. I am definitely a fan!!!!!”

Ahmed Mehmedov, Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/mydenmarktv

“This show is absolutely amazing. The more I watch the more I get convinced to move and study in Denmark. I’ve already watched 14 episodes this week and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Golda Raphael, London, The UK

“You know I love all things Danish. Check out MyDenmarkTV.com”

ghia Nguyen, California, USA

“I went to Denmark and fell in love with Danish design. Thanks so much for your coverage of this topic. Following the principles of Danish design, your show is simple and elegant! Keep up the good work!”

Nigel Davey, our dear fan onfacebook.com/mydenmarktv

“I Love Denmark and the people. So this website is a great way to see how things are going over the water. Love it!”

>Marlen Alos, our dear fan from Mexico, commented on facebook.com/mydenmarktv

“I’m from Mexico and this website is awesome !!”

Nigel Davey, our dear fan on facebook.com/mydenmarktv

“I Love Denmark and the people. So this website is a great way to see how things are going over the water. Love it!”

Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi, Copenhagen, Denmark

“… my congratulations on an excellent initiative. How I wish we had something like this when I was a student at the Copenhagen Business School back in 2001!”

Christian Wallington, our dear fan on facebook.com/mydenmarktv

“Even though my mothers side of my Family are originaly Faroese, most of my relatives have now moved down to Denmark and everytime i vist them, i get a little more tempted to not come back home to England and your shows are just making it worse! :D

Anikó Nyitrai, Budapest, Hungary

“… I am watching your programs in Hungary, Budapest….just for fun…..and also becouse it’s good to hear about others from different countries….:-))..”

Thilak Gunarathna, Srilanka


Marianne Klint, Johannesburg, South Africa

“This is making me homesick. Born in Copenhagen, grew up in Odense, now living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I wanna go hoooooooooome !!!”

Natasha Abramovich, London, The UK

“The last show was great as usual!! I feel like I know Copenhagen so well already even before visiting! I wish we had something similar in London”

Nima M, London, England

“Love it when Wednesday comes!! I enjoy watching your episodes. I miss Denmark a lot!! Spent my childhood there. This is a great way to catch up on DK and find out whats new. Good job guys. Many thanks”

Diana Alvarez, Israel

“Guys, congratulations.
What a great effort and what a humble cause!”

Neisy londoño, Cali, Colombia

“I think is really good find this kind information about DK.
thanks a lot to every one and greetings from Colombia”

Esther, Barcelona, Spain

Has been such a nice and unexpected surprise found MyDenmarktv, I was just surfing the web , trying to find some info about danish people and culture. Its long time im planning to visit Denmark but never got the chance, finally i’ll be there at the end of april. Thanks for your videos in english, are very useful and interesting! will watch it all!


Let us know what you think about MyDenmarkTV and we’ll come and kiss you :)


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