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Vladimir Chen
Founder & Producer

Originally from Uzbekistan, Vladimir has been in Denmark (lived in Århus, Odense and Copenhagen) for a quarter of his life now. Loves to travel, crazy about adventures (hiking, biking, parachute etc.) and has a burning passion for filming and photography. Loves to play piano, guitar and now learning the drums. Married to a beautiful wife Tatiana (who is the best advisor ever) and has a lovely daughter Alexandra.

Julie Tran
Co-founder & Co-host

As a resident of Denmark for more than half of her life, Julie is proud to be part of this wonderful and absolutely rainy country. She is creative and full of ideas; luckily her rational(!) business background can keep her on the ground. Aside from, she works for her own consulting company for social enterprises, LotuSense. She is also an aspiring musician, writing, playing and recording her own music.

Li Yuan Wu
Writer & Co-host

Originally from Nanjing China, Li Yuan has studied in Denmark since 2002. Currently she is pursuing a master in Economics and Business Administration at Roskilde University. Over the years she has lived and worked all around Zealand, but last year she finally moved to Copenhagen, and she loves every minute of it. Her new favorite pass-time is to hop on her bike and discover what the city has to offer. She’s also a great cook who is always trying new and exotic food.

Timothy Anderson
Writer, co-host & editor

Timothy Anderson has been a happy resident of Copenhagen since 2000 (with a couple of short breaks in the process). During that time, he has has been an intrepid explorer of Copenhagen and of Danish culture. He has numerous and varied interests, occupations and identities, both past and present (besides Host of, which include blogger, writer, journalist, editor, entrepreneur, traveler, researcher, pitchman of countless business ideas, very amateur party DJ, father, PhD student (briefly)…oh yeah, and private jet salesman (seriously!).

Sabine Pøthe Jensen
Co-host & writer

Born and raised in Denmark, Sabine actually comes from a bilingual home, her mother being German and father Danish. She has always felt inspired by and drawn to different cultures which has made her travel a lot. Words like spontaneous, full of ideas and positive characterizes her personality. Now also a happy dog owner (a little polar bear white Golden Retriever), she always has an excuse to enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s pouring down (which never happens!) Aside from doing MyDenmarkTV Sabine is a well experienced massage and psychotherapist.

Emil Østergaard
Camera & video editor

Emil is a 24-year old post graduate in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen. Since moving to Frederiksberg at age 14 he has been involved in several movie projects counting both his own and those of others. When not studying Emil works at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s traffic radio and enjoys his hobby – playing music.

Aleksandra Wiecha
Camera & production assistant

A culture explorer from Poland, fan of Scandinavia. Exchange student in Copenhagen for half a year and just loves it, and can´t imagine to leave. Enthusiasts of discovering different worlds through filming or taking pictures. Involved in youth projects and workshops dealing with film, theatre and culture diversity in Poland and abroad.

Daniel Weissensteiner
Chief Editor

Daniel Weissensteiner was born in Pokhara/Nepal and grew up in Tyrol/Austria. After studying and working for the last eight years in Salzburg, he arrived in Copenhagen in spring 2010. He found his passion with 15 years when he got his first video camera and started making films. He worked for TV stations, produces documentaries and business films and won prizes on film festival.

Maruf Yusupov
Web Designer & Usability

Maruf is from Uzbekistan and he has lived in Denmark since 2003. Educated as a multi-media designer, his passion is to realize ideas into online reality. A big Mac fan and loves to follow latest technology trends. Books are his best friends in his spare time. He also plays soccer with friends during the weekends. He is married and got a two-year old son David.

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