Yet Another Member To The MyDenmarkTV Team

A new member

A new member

I would like to take a minute and welcome our new addition to the MyDenmarkTV Team. Her name is Liyuan Wu. Liyuan has lived in Denmark for almost 7 years and has completed several degrees. Now, she is pursuing her Master’s degree at Roskilde University.

Liyuan has joined the team recently and she already contributed a lot to the project. She actually appeared already as a guest on the show in Episode # 7 where she was interviewed to tell us her story about how she got a scholarship in Denmark.

If you know education in Denmark used to be free. Unfortunately, not any longer. Students outside EU must pay from $10,000-20,000 USD. However, most of the Danish universities that offer international programs have scholarship schemes. Usually the number is not substantial, but at least anyone interested in studying in Denmark should give a shot. If you secure yourself a scholarship, you will be provided with everything you need: housing, stipend etc. Check out Episode #7 where Liyuan talks about how she secure the scholarship at Roskilde University.

Liyuan is also a featuring blogger at, which is an official guide to Denmark.

Liyuan will be cotributing with content as well as co-hosting in the show. She will take over for Episode #12.


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