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Episode # 7 – Precision of public transport, bargain buys, Danish furniture, scholarships in Denmark and Roskilde festival

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In Episode # 7 Katie takes you closer to the Danish public transportation. She also provides some good bargain buy tips e.g. where you can get cheap bikes or furniture, fills you in on the Danish furniture design and interviews a scholarship receiver in Denmark. Katie also was in the hot spot of all going-ons and happenings at the Roskilde Festival. Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (Den Blaa Avis) (check out auctions) (Police lists all upcoming auctions) Charity organization
Ide Møbler, Bilka, Ikea (where you can buy some furniture)

Other Useful Resources: (A restaurant booking site - free and instantly confirmed) (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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6 Responses to “Episode # 7 – Precision of public transport, bargain buys, Danish furniture, scholarships in Denmark and Roskilde festival”

  1. sarah says:

    Love the video! I’m glad I found this site. I’ll keep checking back for more insights on Denmark.


  2. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Thanks Sarah for your feedback. We will be very happy to see you back. ;)


  3. Emily Lai says:

    I think the video’s very informative and l look forward to more next time, many thanks.


  4. Anne says:

    Love your website! Very informative.
    I’m actually danish but think it’s fun to see how you see and experience the country and the people! However, I wanted to know if the 7th episode was broken because I can’t see it and I really wanted to watch the shots at Roskilde Festival since I’ve been there the past three years and i’m planning to invite my american cousins to come with me next year!


  5. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    No, Episode #7 should not be broken. Try to see again and we appreciate if you can let us know of any issue.



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