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Episode # 83 – Bloopers of 2010 – The Best of the Worst – Happy New Year 2011

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Thanks once again for watching MyDenmarkTV in 2010. This is our last episode of 2010. Have fun!

Warning!! This is probably the most embarrassing yet the funniest episode of 2010 :))))

We wish you a Happy New Year.

Episode 83

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7 Responses to “Episode # 83 – Bloopers of 2010 – The Best of the Worst – Happy New Year 2011”

  1. Stella Kranz says:

    I have enjoyed your programme all year and I’ve been keeping notes of what to do and see when I finally make it over there. Thanks for the entertaining work you’ve done. – Stella Kranz, Ontario, Canada


    Vladimir Chen Reply:

    Thanks Stella! Really happy to know that you’ve enjoyed the programme and even more so that you’ve been keeping notes :) ) Now, that’s so great! Stay tuned and have a pleasant trip/stay.


  2. Vanessa Hyldkrog says:

    Happy New Year my Denmark tv,

    I enjoy very much your show and I am looking forward to the new year with lots of surprises from Danmark :) You all are doing a GREAT JOB !!!


    JulieTran Reply:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks so much :-) We’re happy to know that you enjoy the show. Happy New Year to you and your family too :-)

    Kind regards,



  3. stefan says:

    I enjoyed your program and it give me a lot of knowledge about Denmark.And i hope you will feature about the people and political aspect of Denmark.And you all doing great job!!


    JulieTran Reply:

    Dear Stefan,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to know that you enjoy our show and yes, we will definitely cover more about the people and also political aspect of Denmark, especially with the upcoming election :-)

    Kind regards,



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