First post from Julie …

Hi folks, here it is; my first post on It’s exciting that we now can also share with you our thoughts and experiences through the blog. Looking back at the journey, what can I say?

Well, so far I have done 6 episodes including the Introduction. It has definitely been a fun but also educational experience! I’m glad to see the show is developing so well, with many more happy viewers :-) It’s quite amazing to look back at the progress considering the fact that we started around 2 months ago! So yes, things do move fast in the online world :-) !

Personally I have been living in Denmark for around 18 years. I love it here and believe it or not, I’ve also learned to love the unpredictable Danish weather (or at least just accept it as it is :-) ). There are so many things that I appreciate about the Danes, the culture and life around here in general. I hope that you will feel the same way too :-)

Just for your info, I will take a break on the show in the next couple of months since I will travel to the US for a 3-month period. But I will still be around … not in front of the camera but definitely in front of the computer … :-)

Take care and don’t forget to visit every Wednesday for a new episode :-) !



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