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Episode # 46 – Raw Food and Fun Segway Rides in the Heart of Copenhagen. Also MyDenmarkTV’s Contest!

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We went out to check the very first real raw food bar in Copenhagen called 42°Raw.

Tim drills the owner on how he came up with this idea to open the bar and also we get some advice on how to gradually switch to eating a healthy food.

Also, in the heart of Copenhagen right across Tivoli Gardens, we went to meet the owner of For the first time ever, Tim and Liyuan jumped on segways and quickly learned how to ride it.

Most importantly, we announce a contest, this time only for those who are in Copenhagen. More contests to come. Good luck everyone.

Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (42°Raw) (

Other Useful Resources: (A restaurant booking site - free and instantly confirmed) (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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19 Responses to “Episode # 46 – Raw Food and Fun Segway Rides in the Heart of Copenhagen. Also MyDenmarkTV’s Contest!”

  1. Lucian says:

    The contest it’s a very good idea. What a shame that I am not in Denmark.


  2. Augustine says:

    local foods is very good i wish i was in dernmark,i would actaually buy,
    representers are so smart,keep it up.

    Buhese Augustine
    in uganda east africa.


  3. I’m ready to live in Denmark and take the Segway Ride after having a raw food lunch! Can you suggest the best drink to go with the salad shown in this episode?


  4. Andrada Borca says:

    Hi, im a student in the last year at University of the West, Econimics and Business Administration, specialization Finance and Banking. I am interested to study in Denmark. I would like to go there for a master degree, but, i’m from Romania, and i read in you’re newspapers, on the internet, that Romanians are top criminals and so on..( “Danish police: “Romanians have no scruples…”) I am really sad, because i know im a hard working person and i just want a better future…They should not put everybody in the same place! That’s racial discrimination… What can i do?


  5. surrai surrai ReemK says:

    What a great idea the raw food bar, I am sure many would love it, I will make sure to visit this bar when I am in Denmark next time. Would love to thank the team of myDemark for bringing these ideas to us. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate at the contest cuz I am out of Denmark,, good luck for winners.


  6. Zakir Ahmed says:

    Hi Dears
    I live in a most corrupted country in the world! ! ! But its a beautiful country with lots of potentiality.
    Is there any corruption in the society of Denmark?

    Blessings and Thanks
    Zakir Ahmed


  7. Lucian says:

    Where does danish people spend there holydays?


  8. Questions:

    1. Does Dennmark have any traditional types of food that are specific only to some areas of Dennmark?

    2. Does the Danish language have any dialects?
    3. When was chosen the hymn of Dennmark and who composed it?
    4. What are the main 3 things people should alllways think when thinking about Dennmark?
    5. How do danish do business? (if they negotiate or not, if they are there on time, what they expect from their “businness partener”)
    6. How is political life in Dennmark nowadays? (about parties)


  9. Nima says:

    This might not be as healthy or raw!! BUT
    Whats your favorite Danish Pastry?


  10. Md.habibur Rahman says:

    Can MyDenmarkTV make a show on the danish traditional fruit bar?

    I’m impressed and I would like to come to Denmark and taste some of these fruits.


  11. Alya says:

    My question for the great contest is:

    What is the name of the traditional Danish dessert, whose perfect pronunciation indicates

    that one has mastered the Danish language excellently?



  12. poiliss says:

    I ‘m new in here , I have learn about denmark , culture , food , transportation , study , etc … from your site and love so much.
    But I have something I need to know …

    1. Can you tell me about health care and hospital in Denmark? How I can do if I get sick or accident? What’s the nummer I can call? How to buy some medicine?

    2. How to ask for help from the police if I get some problem? What the nummer I can call?

    I looking forward from your answer

    Thank you so much


  13. Frederick Osei says:

    Who are MyDenmarkTV targeted audience? I am asking because my earlier impression was people outside Denmark who wants to know more about Denmark but what I have benefited from it even living here in Denmark is enormous.


  14. Tony says:

    Hi mydenmarktv,

    I enjoy watching the episodes! Please keep up the good work you have done.

    Being someone who is new to Denmark, I think I would like to know more about popular sports in Denmark, as a foreigner what are the advices if we would like to play with locals? Where can we find some local sports clubs, or is ther some secret place where we should go to find locals playing sports?



  15. Augustine says:

    wel,the queens palace is so nice,the second,diamond,third,Enteno.


  16. darunee borijak says:

    What would you do if you are asked by fans to extend the onair time (duration)to half an hour or more? I watch your program every week and I have suggested my friends to wacth it as well. We wish to see more because there are many interesting things in Denmark to see or to know and one week is quite long for us to wait for.


  17. The first things I will visit in Copenhagen Denmark next month are the new fruit bar . (Wonderfull Copenhagen )


  18. Reymark Mediavilla says:

    HI I’m mark from the Philippines,well..all i can about to say, are the people behind who produce this video #46 is great..and widest instinct.A 24 raw restaurant encourage people to eat more vegetables that inside the pyramid of go,glow, and grow foods..we just not simply watching this video but also we learn from this. a 24raw restaurant are 1 of the best restaurant could be.A 24raw restaurant foods is a way or act that practice for preventing infectious diseases..

    Thank you!



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