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Episode # 19 – Driverless Metro, Inexpensive Traveling, Law-abiding Danes, Copenhagen Business School, Clubbing, Stock Market

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This time in Episode #19 we take a ride in a driverless metro, show you some inexpensive ways of traveling, interview "law-abiding" Danes, go to Copenhagen Business School also known as CBS where we talk more about group work and interview some students "in the trenches". Liyuan gives you some clubbing tips while being in Denmark and Katie finally takes on a question about the stock markets in Denmark from one of our loyal viewers.

Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (Journey planner) (National railway service) (Discount fairs with DSB Orange) ( - Car pooling service) ( - Car pooling service) (Financial Times ranking for European Schools) (Boards, forums, buy/sell stock) (Business - Business and financial news) (Børsen - Financial news) (News, stocks, index etc.) (Danish tax authority)

Danish words mentioned in the Episode:
København Hovedbanegården - Copenhagen Central station
Årsopgørelse - End of year report

Other Useful Resources: (A restaurant booking site - free and instantly confirmed) (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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8 Responses to “Episode # 19 – Driverless Metro, Inexpensive Traveling, Law-abiding Danes, Copenhagen Business School, Clubbing, Stock Market”

  1. Emily says:

    As usual, Katie and Liyuan have done a great job. The interviews with members of the public are a great bonus too and I hope to see more of them in future episodes! I’ve been on the driverless train before! Keep up the good work, myDenmarktv.


  2. Anil Mahadev says:

    Great Show Katie :) !

    Always love watching, it’s become a routine once a week treat for me.

    I was enthralled with the driverless train. I hope to come there soon!

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Li Yuan says:

    Thank you very much for the support Emily. We will try to engage more interviews in each episode.

    now a small correction for everyone. before you all hop on planes to go to Denmark to party, I have to tell you that in this episode I mentioned that 1.5 liter of beer costs between 20-50dkk, what I meant to say was that 0.5 liter of beer costs between 20-50dkk. sorry about that, but I hope you will have a fun time here anyway.


  4. vanessa hyldkrog says:

    Hi Vladimir, Katie and Lyuan ,

    I would like to know if you can provide with some danish recipes on the website . I love to cook and have made aebleskiver , (danish doughnuts) and will love to have more recipes =)

    Love your show =)


  5. Juan Sebastian Muñoz says:


    I’ve just arrived to Denmark!, and looks like winter is coming :s

    Do you guys have a suggestion for a place (hopefully cheap) to buy clothes?

    Really thanks for answering me the last questions!!!



  6. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Hey guys, thanks a lot of your feedback and questions. We are definitely putting our heads together to provide more in-depth answers in the format we normally do i.e. video. However, Vanessa, sure we will try to share some recipes with you, but actually we are planning some specials on the Danish food in the upcoming episodes .. so stay tuned. Juan, you should check out Bilka ( … check the closest store location at they have quite cheap clothes there. But also, don’t forget to go to some shopping streets or shopping malls (depending where you are) and many shops have seasonal offers, just look for the words “Udsalg” which means “Sale”, “Tilbud” meaning “offer” or prisfald = “discount price” … sometimes you can get it so cheap that you will be surprised. Write more if you have questions. Stay tuned!


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  8. Bjarne Vestergård says:

    Hi. Li Yuan and mydenmarktv crew. I just want to tell you that I think you got it wrong with the legal drinking age in Denmark. We dont have an legal drinking age but an age (15 or 16 not sure ) for buying alcohol in shops. The 18 year age you are talking about is for serving alcohol. In places like bars and clubs where they have a licens to serve alcohol it is illegal to serve alcohol to people under 18 years. So you need to be over ( 15-16 ) to legally buy alcohol but at no age is it illegal to drink it.


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