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Episode # 4 – Special Edition. The Famous Danish Lunch and the Concept of ‘Hygge’

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This is a special edition (Episode #4). Julie was invited to meet up with Sabine and some of her other friends. The idea was to prepare and show some famous Danish lunch i.e. smørebrød (dark bread with toppings), talk about the concept of 'hygge' (cosy) in Denmark, rugbrød (dark bread) and skål (cheers). By watching the episode you will get a better understanding of the 4 things and get to know the Danish culture better. Special thanks to Sabine Pøthe Jensen.

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3 Responses to “Episode # 4 – Special Edition. The Famous Danish Lunch and the Concept of ‘Hygge’”

  1. Magnus Jonsson says:

    Looks so good. Good tips and looks “cosy” :)

    Magnus :)


  2. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Thanks Magnus! Glad you liked it! :)


  3. Christina says:

    Thanks for the excellent videos . I am looking forword to move in Denmark and i am trying to gather up as many information as possible :) Your show is full of informations not only by watching the video but looking on comments and click on links also .
    I like the fact that you are trying to give an neutral face of Denmark , leaving to us to see is good or bad for us . But ofc is not the same for all .
    Thanks again – i am w8 for every new episode :)


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