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Episode # 48 – Everything You Need To Know About The Istedgade Street In Copenhagen

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Lots of Sunshine! Hopefully, It Is A Sign of Spring Coming To Denmark

Well, this post really has nothing to do with MyDenmarkTV production. But it does show the changing weather in Denmark. Almost the whole week we have had a lot of sunshine (although still cold). So, I thought I would do nothing but reach my brand new camera and take a couple of shots outside my apartment in Frederiksberg. I hope you enjoy the pictures ;)


This is the front of my apartment


Nice flowers on the table of our kitchen to portray spring in Denmark


This is the back of our apartment building


Even grass looks so impressive after such a long winter


Just fish ... thought it was funny


Our neighbourhood in Frederiksberg

You will definitely be seeing more of Denmark both in videos and still images. Stay tuned and be well!


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Past Episodes

Episode #23 – Special Contest Edition. Low-Budget Traveling in The Heart of Copenhagen

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