Yes, Google Gave Us 3 in PageRank To Begin With

MyDenmarkTV pagerank

MyDenmarkTV PageRank

Yes, we broke through with Google PageRank!

This blog post is a little bit technical and has not so much to do with the show per se, but it does show how popular and important our website is becoming in the cyberspace.

I just looked up for our PageRank and discovered that as of today Google ranked us as 3, which I think is a great start to indicate a good quality content site given our 5 month existence.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can find out more about PageRank here or Sandbox effect is also worth reading.

But again this has nothing to do with the show. It is just something I wanted to share on our blog and perhaps show that MyDenmarkTV website is raising its bars before the God father i.e. Google. And we are happy!

Of course most importantly stay tuned for more episodes to come on MyDenmarkTV.

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