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National Geographic Traveler

I have been searching around for links referring to MyDenmarkTV and I was really happy to have found a brief review by National Geographic Traveler.

Thanks to Kelly Corrigan from National Geographic Traveler who reviewed the MyDenmarkTV project and shared her review on the National Geographic Traveler website. This is what Kelly wrote:


While this site virtually takes you to such places as the Copenhagen Opera House and the University of Copenhagen, its three hosts—Katie Rice, Liyuan, and Julie Tran—also explain the ins and outs of daily life in Denmark, such as recycling habits, the drinking culture, cost of living, and the library system”.

We are glad to know that our efforts have been spotted by National Geographic and it is definitely a big honor for the whole team also because what Kelly wrote is exactly what we are doing i.e. not only showing you the places but everyday life things while being in Denmark.

More importantly, and as our advisor, Paul Tyler mentioned “What’s really nice is that they talk about you [MyDenmarkTV] in terms of a TV show and not a website. The language is TV not so much web (which is the way the Internet is going…i.e. more audio visual and ironically more linear content) for example they mention ‘hosts’ and ‘takes you’. It’s this kind of language that I’d argue should be used, making a virtue out of the fact that this is ‘sit back and be entertained’ television whilst also informing and educating – all very Reithian.”

Just wanted to share :) and stay tuned!


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