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The Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Copenhagen – Copenhagen Tours and Tastings

Our guided walking, bicycle, boat, beer and dining tours give you direct access to the very best that of Copenhagen and provide you second-to-none experiences to savour.

Denmark Tour Copenhagen by Bicycle:

Experience Copenhagen exactly as the locals do

Copenhageners are crazy about cycling. Bicycles are everywhere! Virtually every street in Copenhagen has bicycle lanes on both sides, making bicycling around the city easy, safe and practical. There is no better way to get to know Copenhagen. By the end of the tour, you won’t want to turn your bicycle back in – and you don’t have to since you have the opportunity to keep it for the rest of the day at no extra charge! Tours start and end at the Copenhagen Central Station.

1 hour bicycle tour:

Up to 10 guests: 250 DKK per person + 100 DKK per bicycle
More than 10 guests: 200 DKK per person + 100 DKK per bicycle
More than 20 guests: contact for offer

For 1 hour tours minimum charge 1200 DKK + bicycles

2 hour bicycle tour:

Up to 10 guests: 375 DKK per person + 100 DKK per bicycle
More than 10 guests: 300 DKK per person + 100 DKK per bicycle
More than 20 guests: contact for offer

For 2 hour tours, minimum charge of 2000 DKK + bicycles

For longer tours: contact for offer

Guest have the opportunity to keep their bicycle for the remainder of the day for no additional cost


Denmark Tour Copenhagen Beer Tasting:

A taste of years and years of excellence in Danish brewing

The Danish beer market, which has been famous for centuries, has literally exploded over the past few years thanks to loads of new micro-breweries producing hundreds of fantastic, world-class brews. Denmark may be home to world famous breweries Carlsberg and Tuborg, but you won’t be tasting these beers on this tour. Is there a better way to kick-off an evening on the town? We don’t think so!

Prices (including all beer)
1 hour tasting (approximately 8 beers):

Up to 10 guests: 300 DKK per person
More than 10 guests: 260 DKK per person
More than 20 guests: contact for offer

2 hour tasting (approximately 12 beers):

Up to 10 guests: 425 DKK per person
More than 10 guests: 360 DKK per person
More than 20 guests: contact for offer


The Classic Sights and Sounds of Copenhagen

We offer 4 different tours exploring diverse aspects of Copenhagen to suit your tastes and curiosities. On the way we tell you all about wonderful Copenhagen, the most fascinating neighbourhoods, urban culture and show you our favorite shops, cafes and hang-outs. The guided tour takes approximately two hours and includes a cup of coffee or a beer (you decide!). Generally, the tours start at the tourist info center at Vesterbrogade 4A.

Up to 10 guests: 250 DKK per person
More than 10 guests: 200 DKK per person
More than 20 guests: contact for offer

Minimum charge of 1200 DKK

Prices do not apply to Copenhagen Dining. For prices, please contact


1. Classic Copenhagen
A little taste of everything Copenhagen has to offer. A few of the sights, a few of the best shopping spots, and an intro to some of the coolest place simply hang out and soak in the atmosphere of the city.

2. The Coolest of the Urban Cool: Vesterbro
Vesterbro is vibrant and edgy. It’s got a bit of everything, and something for everyone. At the heart of area is Istedgade, which was once synonymous with porn, prostitution and pushers. Today, Vesterbro is now one of the most trendy, creative and fashion-focused parts the city (while still maintaining just a bit of its naughty edge). Vesterbro is a place of shopping, fashion, cafes and nightlife. You’ll love it.

3. Inner City Shopping and Fashion
To experience one of the most wonderful about the inner city, is to experience the fantastic choice of exquisite fashion and designer shops. Hence our tour centers on the best of the Copenhagen fashion scene. However, it’s not only about fashion and shops, as we also introduce highlights of the cities architecture, history and citizens.

4. Copenhagen Architecture
Copenhagen is a city of paradoxes – big enough to call itself a global city, yet small enough to have a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Nothing demonstrates that more than the diversity of the cities architecture. The city’s history dates back to 1104, yet it is a mix of centuries old architecture alongside modern visions that shapes the cityscape today.

Copenhagen by Water: A private cruise of the fascinating Copenhagen Channel
Copenhagen is surrounded by water, and to truly understand how the city has been built up over the centuries, a tour of the Copenhagen Channel (one that covers much much more ground then the tourists boats!) is a must. Your Copenhagen by Water tour will be one of the highlights of your time in Copenhagen – that’s a promise!

Prices 1-12 guests per boat (up to 2 boats available)
1 hour 2500 DKK + 100 DKK per person
1 1/2 hours 3700 DKK + 100 DKK per person
2 hours 4800 DKK + 100 DKK per person
Longer than 2 hours: contact for offer


Copenhagen Dining: A true taste of the city

Perhaps our greatest invention! Copenhagen Dining is two hours of urban storytelling and Danish cuisine. Like the sound of eating your way through the city’s different food cultures? There’s a bit of everything: the innovative, the ethnic and the traditional. On the way we introduce Danish food culture, eating habits and gastro trends in Copenhagen – it’s truly a tour that indulges all the senses. We customize this dining experience to please your tastes!

For prices and more information contact

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