Pick Up Our Brains and Shortcut to Making Your Stay in Denmark Enjoyable, Effective and Fun (limited time ONLY).

You can now pick our brains for 60 minutes and get answers to anything you may want to know about living in Denmark.

Our experience of living, working and studying in Denmark is equivalent to more than 100 years, so we should know a little something.

This makes us confident that we can help you take most out of your stay while enjoy yourself in Denmark, regardless of if you are coming for a short term or a long term.

Collectively, we have experienced a lot of things in Denmark, sightseeing of the great places, dining out in the best restaurants, going to best clubs and on the other hand issues like marriage, child birth, permanent residency, driving license and so on are also in our expertise … in other words, list is quite long.

Of course you can always look for information on your own and you will probably get answers to your questions if you search diligently. However, if you want to shortcut to answers in some of the specific areas that interest you, you can pick up our brains by consulting with us either on the phone, video conference or in person.

We will gladly help you and after speaking with us you will:

Short term stays (up to 3 mos)

  • Learn about how you can at best spend time (family, business, conference, sport event, studies or any other visit)
  • Learn about the best places to visit on a budget

  • Learn about different laws in Denmark (immigration, employment possibilities)
  • Learn how to get a permanent residence permit based on our experience and others we know personally
  • Learn about different possibilities for expats coming to Denmark
  • Learn about driving license possibilities
  • Learn how to land a job for professionals (people with experience) in Denmark as fast as possible
  • Learn how to land a job for foreign doctors in Denmark as fast as possible

  • Learn about how to set up a business in Denmark (establishment procedures)
  • Learn where and how to networks with other entrepreneurs in Denmark
  • Tax procedures

  • Learn about possibilities to study in Denmark, how to get that perfect scholarship
  • Learn how to land a job for students in Denmark as fast as possible
  • Learn how to land a job for graduates in Denmark as fast as possible

And generally pick our brains and ask any questions related to Denmark you may have

Our prices are one time flat fees.

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Remember: if you don’t find our services helpful and/or unsatisfied for any reason, your payment of $ 97 will be fully refunded.

MyDenmarkTV team

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