We Keep The Bloopers



Our team continually ask of people as to what they think about our bloopers (FYI: bloopers are those [usually] funny endings we have at the end of each show). We started using bloopers since Episode #2. The reason why we ask people for their feedback is because some of us think that they work well, whereas others think it is a bit too much.

I have personally heard from people that bloopers add that personal touch to our show. Also, some time ago, I asked our followers on Twitter whether they like our bloopers or not . The response was quite interesting. People responded that they like them. One of such response was by soeren2009 who wrote “@MyDenmarkTV love the bloopers. Keep them coming”.

At one of recent shootings, I asked another show guest of ours on what he thought about the bloopers. Without any hesitation or doubt, he replied – “I love them. They are really nice”. While we keep our bloopers, I thought I should ask you for your opinion about that. What do you think? Do you like the bloopers? Or would you want the show to end on a more serious note. If you remember some of the recent bloopers (or all), which one did you think was the most fun to watch or which one you thought was a bit too much. This should definitely help us make some adjustments. Thanks for your input.

Stay tuned!


Yet Another Member To The MyDenmarkTV Team

A new member

A new member

I would like to take a minute and welcome our new addition to the MyDenmarkTV Team. Her name is Liyuan Wu. Liyuan has lived in Denmark for almost 7 years and has completed several degrees. Now, she is pursuing her Master’s degree at Roskilde University.

Liyuan has joined the team recently and she already contributed a lot to the project. She actually appeared already as a guest on the show in Episode # 7 where she was interviewed to tell us her story about how she got a scholarship in Denmark.

If you know education in Denmark used to be free. Unfortunately, not any longer. Students outside EU must pay from $10,000-20,000 USD. However, most of the Danish universities that offer international programs have scholarship schemes. Usually the number is not substantial, but at least anyone interested in studying in Denmark should give a shot. If you secure yourself a scholarship, you will be provided with everything you need: housing, stipend etc. Check out Episode #7 where Liyuan talks about how she secure the scholarship at Roskilde University.

Liyuan is also a featuring blogger at, which is an official guide to Denmark.

Liyuan will be cotributing with content as well as co-hosting in the show. She will take over for Episode #12.



Today – 2 Months Since the Birth of MyDenmarkTV

We are 2 months old

We are 2 months old

It is not really a birthday but as the title speaks it has been 2 months since the launch of, which is hard to believe.

And I just wanted to take a minute and reflect upon what was going through our minds when we started on this project.

But before I do, I just want to say that it feels a bit awkward as though we have had the show running forever and on the other hand as if it we started last week. I could never explain this strange feeling.

Anyways, when we started the project 2 months ago we wanted to create something new and different. We did not want to be another information site. Yes, we wanted to be informative, but we wanted to present information in a different format. After all, if ones wants to find practical information he or she can read it on many existing sites out there including message boards and blogs. It is not that we had something against those platforms, no. We love them. It is just more that we wanted to create a bit more refreshing “outlet” of showing and sharing our own experience of living in Denmark.

And as it shows we are happy to have received a lot of positive feedback. In fact, we’ve put together a page “What Others Say” where you can read why people like MyDenmarkTV show. Thanks to all those who took the time to share their feedback. We really appreciate your time and it means a lot to us to keep going.

MyDenmarkTV Team


Pretty Hectic The Last Few Weeks With Filming

Hi everyone! It’s been pretty hectic the last few weeks with filming, so I’d just like to take the chance to introduce myself to all of you.

I’ve been living in Denmark for about three years, but it feels much longer! I love the relaxed way of life here and the way that the country values family life so it’s not just all work, work, work.

The infamous Danish weather has been playing havoc with us recently so don’t be worried if we’re talking about the summertime and there’s a big dark rain cloud behind me. Just do as the Danes do and remember their old saying: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes J

It’s been great to get feedback from so many of you and we love getting to the bottom of your questions so please keep contacting us through the website and we’ll do our best to get back to all of you.

Until next time,


First post from Julie …

Hi folks, here it is; my first post on It’s exciting that we now can also share with you our thoughts and experiences through the blog. Looking back at the journey, what can I say?

Well, so far I have done 6 episodes including the Introduction. It has definitely been a fun but also educational experience! I’m glad to see the show is developing so well, with many more happy viewers :-) It’s quite amazing to look back at the progress considering the fact that we started around 2 months ago! So yes, things do move fast in the online world :-) !

Personally I have been living in Denmark for around 18 years. I love it here and believe it or not, I’ve also learned to love the unpredictable Danish weather (or at least just accept it as it is :-) ). There are so many things that I appreciate about the Danes, the culture and life around here in general. I hope that you will feel the same way too :-)

Just for your info, I will take a break on the show in the next couple of months since I will travel to the US for a 3-month period. But I will still be around … not in front of the camera but definitely in front of the computer … :-)

Take care and don’t forget to visit every Wednesday for a new episode :-) !




Woohooo, MyDenmarkTV’s Blog Is Out Now


Here we go! Finally, our blog is here where we will be freeing our some thoughts out, sharing some great resources, providing screencasts of useful websites and much more.

To begin with I just wanted to very quickly remind you that as of now, MyDenmark TV weekly show contains 5 segments, which are:

1. Did you know?  – One fact about Denmark.
2. Everyday Life    – Practical tip and/or piece of advice.
3. Culture & Food – Intricacies of the Danish culture and food.
4. Study & Work   – This section is for those who want to study or work in Denmark
5. Fun & Entertainment – Fun stuff to do in Denmark.

The host of the show is Julie Tran. Update! In Episode #5 we will be introducing Katie Rice as a co-host to Julie. So stay tuned in as there will be lots of interesting things to share about.

Reminder: The show is absolutely free and the viewers can ask us a burning question, the answer to which may appear in the next episode. We are thinking of even introducing different prizes for asking questions. Is not that cool to get something valuable and get your question answered all with one shot?

It was just a brief update and from now on you can and should visit this section more frequently because it will the place for periodic updates of the things not covered in the show itself. And we will of course all (team members of try to update the blog.

Thanks once again for checking out the Blog. And see you soon for Episode #4 – Special edition – culture and food (hint-hint: Julie’s friend invited her and some other friends over for a typical Danish lunch and outdoor grill dinner)


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