Episode #40…a couple of little secrets

little secrets

Little secrets

So episode #40 of is up – and I’ll let you in on a little secret…a couple of the segments were in fact the very first segments that I filmed when I joined the show, so it was all new for me (and really it still is!). I was also fighting off the final stages of the flu during some of the filming, which didn’t help matters.

Unlike the last episode, this one is in our traditional ’5 segment’ format that those of you who are regular viewers are more familiar with. I must admit that at this point, I’m a bit more comfortable when filming the looser, more flowing format (like episode #39) which is more ‘storylike’ and tied to a theme. But clearly there is plenty of value in both types of episodes.

If you’re living in Copenhagen and looking for food and entertainment ideas, you’ll probably be especially interested in the last 2 segments about Nørrebro segment and Julie’s museum tip. I’m a big fan of Ranees, the fantastic Thai restaurant at Blågards Plads (which I have previously reviewed on my blog). And of course, the other segments about joining a car sharing program and Danish Højskole’s might also be quite interesting and useful for you, as well.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Let me introduce The Copenhagen Report


The Copenhagen Report

I mentioned in Episode #38, where Julie first introduced me, that I actually was introduced to when Vladimir contacted me through my blog, The Copenhagen Report. This is a blog I’ve been running since 2004, so it contains a load of information… and history.

I still keep it updated, including making plenty of comments about So now you have the link if you are curious to know more.


Episode 39 is in the can…

Episode 39

Episode 39

Time for my first blog post as a member of the My Denmark TV team.

We finished filming episode #39 yesterday – my first complete episode as co-host – and now it’s on the editing table. I’m not quite sure why I suggested putting street interviews into the script of one of my first episodes – there are easier segments to film then this sort of thing, as it’s a hell of a challenge approaching people ‘cold’ and asking them not only to spare a minute to answer a couple questions, but to do so on camera. Soliciting interviewees in this way is definitely something that takes me – as it probably would most people – well out of their natural comfort zone. At the same time it is challenging and worthwhile, and Vladimir, in his role as producer and cameraman, kept us pumped for the task. As you might imagine, some people literally run the opposite direction when you approach them – even before you can even get more than a couple words out, but it feels great to eventually succeed – which we did. :-)

We kept it pretty simple and mainstream this time, but there’s loads of useful everyday tips for where to shop for clothes in Denmark – and we’ll of course include all the relevant links below the episode. In the future I hope we can dig into some of the more independent shops, of which there are some great ones around Copenhagen and elsewhere – for example, in Nørrebro and Vesterbro especially.

Hope you enjoy the episode when it comes out on Wednesday!


Team Update (2)

Dear viewers,

We are excited to welcome 2 new members to the MyDenmarkTV team: Timothy Anderson (Tim) and Silvia Puchovska (Silvia).

Tim will be joining the team as a male co-host and editor. Yeah, our viewers will be seeing more of male presence quite soon ;) and Silvia will help us spread a word about MyDenmarkTV i.e. marketing.

If you are not on our newsletter list or Facebook fan page, you probably don’t know that we announced 2 openings for the role of a co-host (male and female). We were pleasantly surprised to have received so many inquiries. Thanks to all those who’ve contacted us with their applications for the positions. We are still in the process of meeting different candidates. So, we are sure that quite soon you will be meeting new people on our show and we are committed to make the show better and better. No matter what, we have an official goal now: To never miss an episode.

In addition to that many new website features will be released in mid April, 2010. We will share about them in the upcoming months.

Once again, thanks for all your support and we will do everything to make sure to make a smooth transition with all the latest team changes.

Stay tuned!
Vladimir Chen


Team Update (1)

On behalf of the entire MyDenmarkTV team I would like to update all our viewers that Katie Rice is not in our team any longer.

We sincerely thank Katie for her immense contribution to the show and wish her the best of luck.

MyDenmarkTV team

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