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Episode # 84 – Winter Sales in Denmark with Focus on Smaller Independent Shops and Plans for 2011

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In this first (after holiday edition) episode of we talk about alternative ways of winter shopping (apart from mall shopping) and we share with you our plans for 2011, which we believe will be full of excitement.

If you have any questions write us at

Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (Frederiksberg Centre) (Langelinie Outlet) ( (Online Designer Outlet) (One Off) (Workshop Copenhagen)

Other Useful Resources: (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

Enjoy the episode.

Episode 84

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10 Responses to “Episode # 84 – Winter Sales in Denmark with Focus on Smaller Independent Shops and Plans for 2011”

  1. Ketty Madsen says:

    I like to see written text, as I am hard of hearing. I enjoy your episodes Thank you and happy New Year Ketty


  2. William Agee says:

    It is wonderful to see the smaller shops shown here! While most of the international and national chains have very good prices and products, the terrific thing about shopping in Copenhagen is the hundreds of small, unique stores with a single owner. I really enjoy the really small shops that are often a half-floor below street-level, for example. These are the kinds of things that keep the old part of Copenhagen vital and full of life.



    VladimirChen Reply:

    Yes William, that’s the reason we decided to focus on the smaller shops simply because the mainstream chains are so heavily promoted. We need to know the alternative ways of doing winter shopping as a lot of them are real goldmines. Thanks for commenting.


  3. JulieTran says:

    Dear Ketty,

    Happy New Year to you too :-) Thank you for watching our show and I’m glad to know that you like it. I understand your need, but unfortunately for the time being, we won’t be able to add subtitles to our show because it’ll require a lot of work from a technical perspective. But we will do our best to improve the sound as well as taking your request into our considerations for our future development of the show.

    Thanks again and take care,


  4. Emily says:

    Happy New Year 2011!

    Could you please feature bookshops in Denmark, chains and independent, in one of your future shows selling English books? I would love that, many thanks.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Emily says:

    Could you feature bookshops in Denmark selling English books, both chains and independent, in the future? I would love that, many thanks.


  6. JulieTran says:

    Hi Emily,

    Happy New Year to you too :-)
    What a great idea! and Yes, we will :-)



  7. Martin Landry says:

    Hi every one…

    My plan is to visit Denmark in the next 3 years and maybe one day live there if possible…
    I am from Quebec, Canada and I’ve heard and read lot about Denmark now. So, when I arrived on you website “My” (by chance) -around episode #78- I was very happy to find this and for the past weeks I took time to watch each episode from #1 to the newest at that day ! Yes, I did that, I watched them all !* And now I don’t miss any episode each week.
    This is very interesting and very informative, thank you !

    Now, if I can make some suggestions or ask questions that could be ansewered in one of your future episodes of, it would be awesome for me, thanks again.
    The suggestion of Emily about finding shops that sell English book is very interesting.

    On this kind of matter, I would ask for myself this :
    (As you maybe know, Quebec’s province is a French place so French is my first language, English, second -so sorry for the mistakes).
    So, I would like to know if there some kind of French associations in Copenhagen as I also saw on your last episode (#84) that on Larsbjørnsstræde and Studiestræde streets that you you talked about (with kind of shops that are there), there was like a kind of pub or bar with a French “facade” or “devanture” (l’Éducation nationale”)
    that was there (magic of Google’s Street View) on Larsbjørnsstræde.** So the idea came to my mind that it may exist in Copenhagen some “Forigners associations” (English or from other places in the world), like I’m sure there’s some kind of German associations in Copenhagen, so for myself, the ones that would interest me would be in French, so can you reach someone of this kind (or other ones in English or other languages and talk a bit about them), a representative, and talk to him/her in an episode ?
    As I am not the kind of guy who doesn’t look by myself, I already found somes on the internet like this one:
    “L’association des francophones de Copenhague” et je sais qu’il y a d’autres (and I know there’s still some others), but I never found if there were people from Quebec or any kind of association from my place there in Copenhagen… I would be fun to verify or at least speak a bit on this subject I think in some of your episodes…

    Another think I thought of… As you are talking often how to live and work in Copenhagen, I may have an other observation to make… As I found again on my own, it may be helpful for me if I plan to work in Copnehagen or Denmark in general, to know if there is an Embassy (or at least a Consulate) from the country I live…
    As I am from Quebec, Canada, I know (after some research on the internet) that the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen is on Kristen Bernikows G 1, 1105. The USA Embassy is on Dag Hammarskjølds Allé 24, 2100 and I think there is one for France and probably a German one. I know you couldn’t talk of each Embassy (or Consulate) from which country is there, but it could be however a good idea to give a word or two about this aspect from someone who wants to vist or work there (in Denmark) and it could be helpful too.
    Now, in a last episode you spoke about movies playing in some parks (parken?) in Copenhagen during the summer, but you didn’t tell if they were shown in thier original version (English for the most part) or in Danish… So the next question will be, in regular cinemas, I suppose it is possible to watch the new movies in its original version ? Am I right (or is it only in Danish)?
    Now, speaking about summer just before, as I am from Quebec, Canada and since you spoke of the Danish weather, I must admit that it makes me think a lot of the one we have here, lol, so it may not be a big change for me on this matter but as almost anyone I enjoy summer, so I may wish a lot that you may talk about the “Bellahøj Camping” (located in Velese)***, this coming summer which is only 4,5 km.from the central station of Copenhagen. But again, as an experienced bicycle’s rider here, it’s not very far from Central Copenhagen by bike I also would like to say. Now, I know that the camping site is open from June 1st to August 31st, but my reasearch on the internet didn’t inform me how much is the price location for a tent or whatever in the camp site (despite the fact that I know it’s open 24hrs/day during the summer) which I would have really wanted to know…

    I am finishing this long (sorry) letter with this but just asking (with another suggestion) that if this could be possible, I think it would be fun that some of your presentators could do a little introduction in Danish (if we want to get use to the language) in the beginning of each episode and a translation just after –just a few seconds, I guess it may be very helpful to get in the context of the Danish culture too !****

    -Thnaks a lot, Martin L.
    (near Montreal, Quebec, Canada).
    And by the way very great job for all the staff involved in this project !

    *On this subject, I would like to make an observation… It is very long to get back from page to page of your website to get to the first episode of “”, so it should be better to make some kind of linked list episodes of them (like #1 to #10, then #20 t0 #30, etc. up to the newest one on the same page) that will get us directed to the one we want, because if not, it’s very annoying if you want to get from the very first episodes to go through all those pages before… Only a suggestion I am making…
    **In this kind of idea, I would like to suggest that sometime when you are talking about places (or some Denmmark dishes or desserts) in Copenhagen with a difficult prononciation, you should write down the name on the screen below to help. In general, you use to do it, but sometimes, it happens you do not and it’s difficult after for some one not familiar to the Danish language to find it in Copenhagen (from Google map for places at least).
    ***And maybe tell us if there also some Youth Hostels in Copenhagen.
    ****In this kind of subject, I would have many other questions like “Which is the movie that the Danish people in Copenhagen have seen the most (or the the most people have seen) and what kind of readings, music (CDs), Danish prefer and so on, etc.


  8. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Hi Martin, I am sure many of us behind MyDenmarkTV have something to say to you as per your comment :) ) Just wanted to say thanks for your support and constructive feedback. Stay tuned!


  9. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your long comment! It is appreciated. I don’t think I can possibly answer all your questions and respond to all your good comments in a single response, but we’ll be sure to try to answer more of it in future episodes. You had a lot of interesting points and suggestions. We’re aware our archives are a bit tricky (and slow!) to use to find old episodes, but hopefully we can get that improved in the future.

    As a Canadian myself (Toronto) I can tell you that the weather in Copenhagen is not the same as Quebec (though this year is a bit of an exception with all the snow in Copenhagen!). Normally it’s much warmer in the winter and colder in the summer here.

    You are right that the area in Copenhagen where Sabine and Julie filmed this episode (‘The Latin Quarter’) does have a slight French taste to it. And you are also correct that indeed there are plenty of associations in Denmark for various nationalities. We’ll see if we can give you some more detailed hints in future episodes (though you do seem to be a fairly proficient ‘Googler’ already ;-)

    Finally, as a point of interest to answer your last question, the current film that is filling the cinema’s in Denmark at the moment is called ‘Klovn’, based on a extremely funny Danish TV show by the same name (which itself was inspired by the the American series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’).

    Thanks again for your supportive comments!


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