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Episode # 71 – 10:10 Denmark Launch, Krak vs. Google, Ecology for Kids, Acting Courses

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We are certain you've heard about COP15 event that took place in Copenhagen in December 2009. In this episode we attend a similar event called 10:10Global (Denmark launch) at Niels Brock on Kultorvet. We spoke with the attendees and organizers of the event.

We also compare Krak (Made in Denmark) with Google maps - two major online map services. Then, we interview Hanne Andersen from the Ecological Inspiration House to learn more about how kids are educated on the topic of living green and healthy. Finally, we answer a question about the acting courses in Denmark. Enjoy the episode!

Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (10 10 Global)
10:10 Launch film (A link to 10:10 Launch film) (Krak Maps) (Google Maps) (The Danish Actors Association - DSF) (DASK Online)

Other Useful Resources: (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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5 Responses to “Episode # 71 – 10:10 Denmark Launch, Krak vs. Google, Ecology for Kids, Acting Courses”

  1. Pelagia Bardanis says:

    I am from Greece and would like to do a PhD in Denmark. Does the government offer any financial aid to foreigners?

    Thank you in advance!


  2. Naomy Romo says:

    Tak for svar! That is VERY HELPFUL!
    How do I get my 30 min consultation?



    VladimirChen Reply:

    Hi Naomy,
    You are welcome. Please write an email to with some time suggestions and your questions. We will promptly reply with a specific date for meeting.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Naomy Romo Reply:

    det gjort jeg allerede og det blev svar i den her episode =D



    VladimirChen Reply:

    Let us know if you need a consultation at that email specified above.

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