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Episode # 58 – Copenhagen Jazz Festival Sweeps The Streets of The Town

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Jazz, jazz, jazz - hundreds of concerts can be enjoyed on the streets of Copenhagen. We went to the opening of the festival and met interesting people such as organizers and a jazz band called Oddjob. Later on the day we checked the headquarters of Politiken where we were blown away by a great Colombian harpist named Edmar Castaneda. Enjoy the episode and the music.

Websites and Resources mentioned in this episode (A free restaurant booking site) (Official Jazz Festival website)

Other Useful Resources: (A restaurant booking site - free and instantly confirmed) (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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2 Responses to “Episode # 58 – Copenhagen Jazz Festival Sweeps The Streets of The Town”

  1. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Are you into jazz? Let us know of your likes and experiences.


  2. Nghia Nguyen says:

    Thanks for sharing the Jazz Festival with us. It’s great to see the exclusive backstage interviews. Keep up the good work!


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