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Episode # 47 – Most Beautiful And The Ugliest Buildings of Copenhagen – Danes And Foreigners

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In this episode we are out around the city to find out the most beautiful and the ugliest buildings in Copenhagen. Along with our own views on the subject we went to NyHavn to ask some Danes and foreigners on the matter. This episode proves that it all about the taste. Some like it some don't. It was fun making this one. Enjoy watching and let us know what you think the most beautiful and the ugliest buildings are in Copenhagen.

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8 Responses to “Episode # 47 – Most Beautiful And The Ugliest Buildings of Copenhagen – Danes And Foreigners”

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I think that the Maersk headquarters across from the operahouse is without doubt the ugliest building in cph. It looks like a shipping container, maybe that was the whole idea!!! A shame for the surrounding area which is really nice.


  2. Augustine says:

    acording to me all the streets of cophgn,are so good,i have nice houses with good glasses,wel
    organised city,wel arranged,very mony people have been appointing the queens place,the eteno,diamond,wel

    Buhese Augustine


  3. Diana says:

    i like Glypothek and Black Diamond buildings…but i find something very nice in central station building also….i do agree with some of the people who didnt like SAS is ugly :) :)


  4. Jun says:

    Yes guys, it really depends on everyone’s taste. Usually we think of beautiful things according to our desire. May it beautiful or ugly, if we only want one as the ugliest and one as the most beautiful, counting from the interviews could help a lot.

    Great video guys.


  5. Jaime Seoane says:

    I like the small buildings along Nyhavn and the Black Diamond.


  6. Ender says:

    My favourite building in Copenhagen is the “Vor Frelsers Kirk” in Christianshavn, see here:

    One of the ugliest buildings, in my humble opininon, is the Planetarium.


  7. Jonas says:

    Very cool site. I’m from Copenhagen and I think that you should try to take the metro to DR Byen station and walk to the new Danish National Broadcasting (DR) hq (named the same as the metro station) and behind that the IT University of Copenhagen. DR Byen is amazing from the outside (especially at night with all the lights on) as well as the inside (you can get a tour inside). The IT University is a very special piece of architecture from the inside. Just a local opinion :)


  8. Micky J Wang says:

    sh*t weather… right? LOL


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