Participate in Contest and Win Free Segway Rides in the Heart of Copenhagen

Free Segway rides contest

Free Segway ride contest

As the title speaks we are happy to announce a contest on Participate in the contest and win free Segway rides in the heart of Copenhagen.

Watch episode 46 and learn about what you need to do. Remember this is time sensitive and the contest will be announced only to our loyal viewers. To become a loyal viewer, subscribe to our show.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your free ride!

MyDenmarkTV team

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4 Responses to “Participate in Contest and Win Free Segway Rides in the Heart of Copenhagen”

  1. Kai says:

    What does the “S” at the Copenhagen S-train stand for?


  2. Minna Mortensen says:

    My question: Will you do a show on Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday celebration?

    I was born in Denmark but reside in US now and will be visiting in June so a Segway ride would be great for me. I belong to a Danish Sisterhood group here in Ohio and I was hoping you would do a segment on the Queen so I could use it for one of our meeting programs.
    I have sent your website out to some of our group and had been planning to show some of your segments at a meeting in the future. Most or our members are not born in Denmark but have roots there and are interested in learning about Denmark and its culture, therefore some of your shows give very good information about that.


  3. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Kai and Minna, thanks for your questions.

    Can you please resubmit your questions in the comments under Episode # 46. This is where all entries go for the contest and possible being featured on the show.



  4. sunday says:

    interesting websites and episodes keep it up.THANKS SUNDAY FRM NIGERIA


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