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Episode # 44 – Easter in Denmark: Traditions, Food, Games, Kids, Flowers and Spring

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In this Episode 44 of we show you how Danes celebrate Easter. To better present the Easter traditions in Denmark, we literally take you to the 4 relevant places including, the Church, Food shop (2 different spots), and the indoors to make some decorations for the holiday. It is better to see it than read it. Enjoy the episode!

Danish words mentioned in the Episode:
Gækkebrev - Teaser letter
Påske - Easter
Kirke - Church
Æg - Egg
Mit navn det står med prikker pas på det ikke stikker - This is the game riddle my name
Lam - lammekød

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9 Responses to “Episode # 44 – Easter in Denmark: Traditions, Food, Games, Kids, Flowers and Spring”

  1. Toi says:

    I liked it all this info about Easter and the teaser letter very good tradittion. Have you ever done it before? See you soon and enjoy your Påske ferie


  2. muhammad shehzad zamir says:

    great channel and great work………………….


  3. Jun says:

    Lenten Season and Easter

    May people around the world spend a few solemn days to commemorate the Crucification of Jesus Christ and give important attention to their family. Since family is the foundation of every country. Thus the world will become and live happily.

    Nice video.


  4. dear it may concern, i love to be in denmark!!!. but i have no any refernce whatsover or friends tosee or how to get visa jsut to come over. thats why icmae to know your site, wish me luck one day i will be there. iam a filipino iranian resident and just recently retired from my company japanese. i was a m the main chef wth this company, and my favorite leisure is cooking. well. my favorite place in europe is denmark. ihad had once a filipino friiend marries to a danish, and he reall a good man. i am sing divorce would liketo have friens in denmark. bye and thanks fro having time reading my emails maria


  5. surrai surrai ReemK says:

    I enjoyed watching this episode, the teaser letters are very original I loved the idea.
    waiting the next episode
    Best wishes


  6. Jun says:

    Hi maria luisa redona,

    You just come to the friendly place I ever followed just to learn more about Denmark and the Danish people. As you can searched around the internet, Danish is the most happiest people on earth. I am pretty sure when you are able to visit this country, you will get a lot of friends around. And with your skills and hobby in cooking, you can share it to them and learn more their cuisine.



  7. plato says:

    Thanks for explaining the tradiation of easter eggs….


  8. TrekkieGrrrl says:

    Great show as always.

    Only one smallish mistake, crocus isn’t a native flower in Denmark, it originates further south around the Mediterranean. It does tend to spread though once it’s been planted so it may appear to be something almost akin to weed in places. But it has been imported, originally from Holland (along with other corm/bulb-based flowers)



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