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Episode # 42 – Danish Cuisine and Smørrebrød by Katrine Klinken – A Chef, Writer and Teacher

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Do you like Danish cuisine? If so, this is a must-watch episode of We visited a house of Katrine Klinken, a Danish chef, writer and teacher, to talk about the Danish food particularly smørrebrød, some trends and luckily had Katrine make some tasty open-faced sandwiches. We eyewitnessed Katrine making 8 yummy and healthy sandwiches. Enjoy the episode!

Websites and resources shared in this Episode are as follows: (Katrine Klinken's official website) (Slow Food organization)

Danish words mentioned in the Episode:
Rygeost - Smoked cheese
Smørrebrød - Open-faced sandwich (directly translated as "butter and bread")
Radiser - Radishes

Other Useful Resources: (A restaurant booking site - free and instantly confirmed) (An ever-growing collection of web resources to make your stay more fun and enjoyable)
Consult with MyDenmarkTV team (Via telephone, to help you make your stay in Denmark more enjoyable) Copenhagen Tours (Book a guided tour by water or by bicycle and explore the best of the sights and sounds of Copenhagen)

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10 Responses to “Episode # 42 – Danish Cuisine and Smørrebrød by Katrine Klinken – A Chef, Writer and Teacher”

  1. Lucian says:

    Interesting. I am very interested in new ways of cooking, as part of my job, so it is always exceting to learn about different kind of food.


  2. William Agee says:

    Thanks for a terrific episode on this delicious and healthy Danish tradition. I can attest that smørrebrød is indeed a normal part of everyday life here in Denmark — kids bring them to school and we adults regularly consume them at lunch time. The reason they are so healthy is due to the fantastic dark bread that I have ONLY found in Denmark, made fresh daily at all bakeries and most supermarkets — rugbrød. This bread comes in many different varieties and you will recognize it by the amount of space it takes up on the baker’s shelves. When I’m really hungry and have no time to prepare anything, there’s nothing better than a warm slice of rugbrød slathered with fabulous Danish butter. Enjoy!


  3. Julie says:

    Glad to know that you guys like this episode- me too :-)

    @ William, yes, I agree with you that a slice of rugbrød, especially home-made, with Danish butter can be the best to eat sometimes :-) Concerning whether rugbrød ( or rye bread) is really a unique Danish thing, well, if searching on the web then actually rye bread also exists in other countries like Finland or northern Germany ( Perhaps it was originally a Danish thing? I don’t know. Further, I have also found out that it’s possible to buy dark bread outside Denmark e.g. in USA. It’s not common and you cannot buy it in every supermarket, but for some special supermarkets, you can buy something similar to rugbrød in DK (at least back in 2005 where I lived in Sacramento, California, I could buy it in one supermarket near my place). But of course, when it comes to the quality and varieties, it couldn’t offer me anything close to what we have in Denmark and the fact that we can buy it fresh from the bakeries, it’s just so delicious!


  4. Toi says:

    Great episode , I am hungry now :) I love the part od the desserts was great, and I think is not a bad idea. Take care everyone, hope to see you all guys soon


  5. Nima says:

    Great episode. Looking de-delicious, can’t wait for lunch time now :-D . You can also get rugbrod here in England, but its mainly from Germany, however not fresh or the best tasting.

    quick question what fish was that?


  6. surrai surrai ReemK says:

    Waooo I enjoyed this episode as I have started to cook and learn more recipes everyday, I just want to inform Katrine Klinken that we too in Jordan /Middle East have the egg slicer.
    Would love to have more episodes about cooking.


  7. Hi Nima
    For the fried crispy fillet of fish with coarse rémoulade I used plaice in the episode. You can also use flounder, lemon sole or witch flounder. Hope you’ll like it!


  8. Angela says:

    Thanks for a great episode! I am really enjoying the new changes to



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  2. [...] Episode # 42 – Danish Cuisine and Smørrebrød by Katrine Klinken … [...]

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