Team Update (2)

Dear viewers,

We are excited to welcome 2 new members to the MyDenmarkTV team: Timothy Anderson (Tim) and Silvia Puchovska (Silvia).

Tim will be joining the team as a male co-host and editor. Yeah, our viewers will be seeing more of male presence quite soon ;) and Silvia will help us spread a word about MyDenmarkTV i.e. marketing.

If you are not on our newsletter list or Facebook fan page, you probably don’t know that we announced 2 openings for the role of a co-host (male and female). We were pleasantly surprised to have received so many inquiries. Thanks to all those who’ve contacted us with their applications for the positions. We are still in the process of meeting different candidates. So, we are sure that quite soon you will be meeting new people on our show and we are committed to make the show better and better. No matter what, we have an official goal now: To never miss an episode.

In addition to that many new website features will be released in mid April, 2010. We will share about them in the upcoming months.

Once again, thanks for all your support and we will do everything to make sure to make a smooth transition with all the latest team changes.

Stay tuned!
Vladimir Chen

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2 Responses to “Team Update (2)”

  1. Sara says:

    Hey guys, what happened to the plan of never missing an episode? I was looking forward to the new episode this week. My husband and I love watching the show and learning about his homeland through the eyes of a foreigner.

    It’s nice you’re expanding the team so hopefully it makes the show even better, but is Katie not coming back? She had a really quirky presenting style, not to mention gave us a great giggle with all the bloopers!


  2. fb_avatar VladimirChen says:

    Sara, we sent out a newsletter to all our subscribers where we explained why there was a delay with the episode. My newly born was hospitalized, so we had to postpone the production. I am glad you asked. Despite that, we’ve published a new episode today (on Wednesday) with a little delay than usual. Watch it here

    Stay tuned,


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